“Their service to our country offers us the quality [and comforts] of L.I.F.E. we live [today]. ” ~KKLA 99.5FM Radio Station



Good morning everyone! Despite…, how are all of you doing? As some of you are well aware, I’ve been off the internet, radar grid for quite a while time now. My computer (laptop) hard drive crashed. Oh well…, That’s Life 🙂 Mwah!!

Long time, no see or hear from. Take care of yourself. Peace and love always ❤



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Did you notice the American Flag or the CALIFORNIA State Flag flying half staff? How will you… Heather Heyer (Virginia) Nevada’s Massacre today?



H Heyer

Amazing!! I can’t believe it! In the month of July, I encountered three+ women named, Leah.


I dedicate my facebook profile picture page to a woman I’d like to call my sister-in-law. In remembrance of Leah, I am grateful for throughout the years she always made sure my son’s Chuck E. Cheese’s birthdays were unforgettable and festive with her handy camera for pictures and her presence being there. I cannot… what she had to endure emotionally, psychologically and physically with Sickle Cell Disease and frequent blood transfusions, while raising three young children. In your honor, Leah ❤

What are the characteristics and traits of a GOOD name?